Introducing our first Kickstarter: Kenku Press RPG Stamps


The RPG accessory you never knew you needed...

SGL, INC. is proud to announce a new line of RPG-oriented stamps: Kenku Press. 

Our first set of stamps are called Character Record Stamps. They are designed for any RPG game and make it easy for players to track their character's progress through any campaign.

Whenever a player hits a milestone - surviving a challenging fight, killing a boss, completing a quest, or even dying - a stamp is added to their character sheet.

For our first Kickstarter, we are launching with six designs in two different styles.

The "Official" style for campaigns with overarching bureaucracies that may even extend to quest-giving, proclamations, and character deaths.


The second "Vintage" style fits well with both modern and old-school RPGs alike.


The stamps themselves are large 5cm x 5cm self-inking stamps that come in a variety of colors that you will be able to choose from post-campaign.